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 Welcome to Elico website!
작성자: elico   등록일: 2005-11-08 10:24:01   조회: 5436  

Welcome to Elico website!

Established in November 2000 as a speciallized ferrite manufacturer, Elico has been focused on smallsized high quality ferrite cores and is currently producing all of them in its facrory in Korea. Equipped with full R&D facilities including tape casting system as well, Elico has developed wide range of Mn-Zn and Ni-Zn ferrite materials which would allow you broad selection for various application.Outcome of the ceaseless R&D commitment is coming out every year. Please feel free to contact us for any item you have in your mind.

공지  Web page updated, adding new materials & products  elico  2015/07/16 1007
공지  Welcome to Elico website!  elico  2005/11/08 5436
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